Our Reputation

Trustworthy partnership.

More than 75% of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients. For more than three decades, Sockwell Partners has built a reputation for putting clients first and recruiting the senior leaders they need.

Our track record of success sets us apart.

Trusted Advocacy

Sockwell is an extension of our clients in the marketplace. They trust us to represent them as we talk with sources and candidates. From the first client meeting through final compensation negotiations, we provide compelling engagement, open and honest dialogue and the ability to align client and candidate values and goals.

Focused Insight

We ask the right questions at the right time to gain an intimate understanding of each client's unique needs, opportunities and challenges. With that discernment, we can bring a rich perspective to candidate assessment and recruitment. We can also provide real and honest client and candidate feedback.

Tailored Execution

Clients tell us that we are well-prepared, organized, process-oriented, outcome-based and nimble. Our process relies on continuous learning, informative client communication and flexible adaptation. Sockwell starts with a proven model and customizes it to respond to unique client needs.

Exceptional execution guarantees the best use of our clients' time and facilitates faster candidate decisions.

Invested Partnership

Sockwell truly cares about our clients and the success of their business. Finding the right candidate is crucial to that success, and it's a job we take very seriously. Clients appreciate that we set realistic expectations and follow though, and that we provide objective insight throughout the course of an assignment. Their business is our business, and we share their goals, challenges and achievements.

We do the job right the first time.

Over more than three decades, less than 1% of our successful candidates have left within the first 12 months of employment. But statistics only tell part of the story.

The real difference between search firms comes down to their people. Our clients tell us time and time again that they like our team and the value we bring. That is what drives us.

Meet the Team