Our Most Compelling Interview Questions April 2024

For much of our firm's history, we have posed two questions in nearly every in-depth candidate interview that we do.   The first such question: Are there experiences from your formative years that you know affect you at work today even if others might never notice? Why do we ask this question? To clarify, although the term "formative years" is sometimes limited to early childhood, for executive workplace relevance it extends to college, grad school, or even first or second jobs.   During this 20+ year period of intensive learning, we develop core beliefs about ourselves, others, and our environments.

Informing a Candidate They Weren't Selected August 2023

When our clients choose a successful candidate, the next Sockwell Partners step is notifying the other finalists. We identified, evaluated, met, and presented them. They spent hours on the phone with us, took the time to travel to meet our clients, submitted to background checks, and gave us references.

Sockwell Partners Celebrates its 40th Anniversary December 2022

Over four decades, our mission has remained constant: be the best resource for superior executive talent; understand each client's organization and culture; offer thoughtful professional counsel to clients with the utmost integrity;  establish mutually rewarding long-term relationships with clients, candidates, and fellow employees.   But we have integrated dramatic changes at the nexus of business, technology and diversity.   Click here to read more as we reflect on 40 years!.

Where, Oh Where, has the Workplace Gone? June 2022

At Sockwell Partners, we talk regularly with literally hundreds of talented, highly-compensated sources and potential candidates. We hear daily comments about the tensions surrounding remote, hybrid and full-scale return to the office decisions that employers have made or continue to make. Likewise, many of our clients are grappling with remote, hybrid and return-to-the-office policies.