Our founding partner, Ed Sockwell, established our firm based on a simple premise. Do the job right – the first time. We are proud of our outcomes:

Accuracy: Nobody's perfect – but we're about as close as you can get. The successful candidate was a product of our initial candidate slate in more than 88% of our engagements.

Completion Rate: You can count on us. When we start a search, we follow through to the end. Our 96% completion rate is significantly higher than the industry’s norm.

Quality: We get it right…the first time. Over the history of our firm, we have redone less than 1% of our searches. We don't introduce a candidate until we're convinced it's the right match – for everyone.

Client Attention: The great thing about being a small firm is that we can pay close, personal attention to our clients. We assign two professionals to each engagement. That way we can focus on you and your search.

Referrals: If you're not happy, we're not happy. That’s why more than 70% of our business has come from existing clients or their direct referrals. Yes, they’re that satisfied, because what we do works.

Stick Rate: At the end of the day, accuracy, completion rate, personal attention and commitment don’t mean much unless the successful candidate stays. Our candidates last. After three years in a position, 76% of our successful candidates are still on board.

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