Every search is different, but our goal is to introduce candidates within eight weeks.

Our step-by-step process:

Site visit: we like to spend a full day with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your culture and specific needs.  The more we learn about your company or organization, the better “storytellers” we will be – and the better able to assess potential candidates.

Specifications development: we work with you to develop a candidate background and experience qualifications document that includes both “hard” and “soft” criteria.  It is our framework for evaluating potential candidates. It will ultimately become your checklist for judging our work. 

Search Strategy: with your input and guidance, we design a plan that assures we are looking in all the right places, and that no stone is left unturned.  We often talk with several hundred sources and potential candidates before we narrow to the final panel of the most qualified and most recruitable.

Client communications: we provide weekly search updates by phone or email – your choice. We also reach out to you whenever critical questions or issues arise.

Referencing:  when properly executed, there are no better predictors of future performance than reference conversations.  We reach out to those in a position to judge results and style. 

Candidate appraisals: we take special pride in our ability to provide insight about a candidate’s fit – pluses and minuses.  Since there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, we believe that understanding shortcomings can be a powerful management tool.

Our business is search.  We partner with licensed psychologists and human behavior experts for cognitive and personality assessments. 

Negotiation: we can act as a broker.  We never lose sight of who our client is, but the close relationship we develop with candidates facilitates our role in negotiating final offers.

Post-search follow-up: we touch base with our client and the successful candidate quarterly during the first year of employment to facilitate onboarding and integration.

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